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Body + Mind + Balance

= Your Best You

Health is what powers your life,
so the best parts of you can really shine.

Ready to put YOU first?


BodyMind Balance was created to foster real health

in all areas of your life.

Why Work With Me?

health and wellness - missoula, montana - bodymind balance
Wellness in mind, body, and spirit is what makes you YOU.
Because you're far more likely to do great things when you feel great.

Why Consider Coaching?

Body + Mind + Balance = Your Best You

BodyMind Balance was created with purpose, for purpose. Wellness is about far more than just being thin or not having a crushing medical diagnosis. Health is what powers your life, so the best parts of you can really shine. When you’re not your best self, it’s hard enough to slog through the laundry or meet that work deadline on Friday, much less share your unique gifts with the world.

Why can BodyMind Balance help when nothing else has?

  • I’ve got a big ‘ol toolbox

    Because no matter how great it works for you, no single strategy is the solution for everyone.

  • I don’t live in your head

    It takes someone outside of your head to really clarify your strengths and resources.

  • I focus on getting to the bottom of why you’re really stuck.

    My job is to coax the best out of you until it becomes second nature.

  • I know when to teach, when to push, and when to cheer.

    There are many ways to get results. Knowing which tactic to apply- and when- is critical.

  • Change is the name of my game.

    Growth. You’ve likely figured out by now that it only sounds easy. Transitions often stir up big fears and buried emotions.

  • I’m passionate about teaching, not selling you product.

    If you’ve bought products and programs that promise quick results with minimal effort, but have been disappointed time and time again, coaching is for you.

  • I’ve been where you are.

    I’ve never met a passionate health practitioner who didn’t evolve into mentoring. Experts and teachers are real people first.

  • Collaboration is super important.

    The ability to collaborate is vital. You need to be comfortable communicating with me.

  • I want you to outgrow me.

    People often want a perfect checklist of easy-to-follow recommendations. Preferably in pill-form. Uh… nope.

  • Your gut feeling matters most.

    I could give you a few more compelling reasons why you should work with me, but what’s more important is what your gut is telling you.

There are a lot of decisions to make – or postpone!

When it comes to caring optimally for yourself and your family being bombarded with tons of conflicting advice everywhere you turn doesn’t help, either. Don’t let overwhelm distract you into doing nothing.

Don’t waste time, effort, and money on products or programs that aren’t focused on you.

Often these things don’t work all that well, or for very long. That often sends people into complete overwhelm as they try to navigate all the opposing recommendations out there. Ultimately, they end up completely frustrated when results don’t stick… and they give up. Get help focusing the best parts of you in the places and ways that will make the best impact.

Let’s do this instead:

  • Figure out what health really means to you. And why. What should it look like in the details of your life?
  • Prepare to work. No magic pill is going to save you, but you can learn to efficiently invest your precious time and energy into a truly healthy you.
  • Get a little push from someone who’s done it enough to know what works. Yes, there’s an order to it, a bit of art, and even a dash of fun.

Quit wasting time and money on a bottle of this or a box of that. Decide you’re worth the investment. Get the right help to move forward. It doesn’t have to be excruciating, either. Instead, learn how to ease the transition into a more vibrant life.

Want to learn more about a truly balanced life?

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