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“BodyTalk sessions with Lisa have been one of the most wonderful, enlightening and powerful experiences that I have ever had in my life.  Lisa is an amazing holistic health practitioner. Within minutes of meeting her, it’s clear that Lisa is a person of high integrity and has powerfully learned the aspects of her craft, which she lives and applies to her own life.

I now have a freedom from the constraints of my past. I am more at peace with myself then I have ever experienced, living and loving life more than ever. Moving towards a balance within, I am finding that I am not relying on past crutches for coping, such as eating for comfort or a sense of love. Chronic body pains and issues are diminishing and some have even disappeared. A sense of wholeness has become the norm. Body Talk will continue to be a fundamental part of my wellness routine and BodyMind Balance will be the place I go for that balancing. Lisa’s generosity and authentic caring is something we all deserve and I am blessed to experience.”     C.H.

“I was new to BodyTalk and was unsure what to expect. I felt immediately comfortable with Lisa and continued throughout our sessions to be impressed with her knowledge of the human body and her ability to communicate that understanding in a clear and sensitive way.”      E.R.

“My BodyTalk sessions with Lisa have been incredible. Lisa is so humble in her work, but let me tell you, she is a gift! I connected with her right away and started bringing my whole family to her. We are all thrilled with the results. We’ve all experienced some big changes with BodyTalk, and I was so pleasesd to be able to drop some deep emotional traumas seemingly overnight. I have no idea how to explain BodyTalk when people ask me about it. I just tell them to go see Lisa!”   S.W.

Health Coaching

“Working with Lisa has been a breath of fresh air! I love walking out of our appointments with better clarity of mind and motivation.”      J.H.

“I had a lot of chronic conditions and was tired of not getting any better. I came to Lisa pretty beat down and dejected. I knew right away that things were going to finally change. Lisa was different. She was focused on me in a way that was different than anything I’ve ever experienced with other health care professionals. Working with Lisa was so empowering. She focused on teaching me exactly how to make changes and why they mattered, rather than just telling me what I should do. I’ve maintained all the changes I made and feel healthy for the first time in decades.”      M.B.

“I first met Lisa at a community class she taught. I was impressed and decided to work with her individually. She is so knowledgeable and patient. It took me awhile to make some of the changes stick, and Lisa never judged my slip-ups. She was always supportive. She spoke Truth to me in a way I really needed to hear and helped me heal past hurts that were keeping me from being truly healthy. I’m so grateful for her wisdom.”       R.R.


“Neurofeedback has been like a missing puzzle piece for me. I was doing okay but it wasn’t until I started neurofeedback that I realized that I really could feel and be exceptional. My sleep improved so much that if nothing else had changed, I would have been thrilled. But the brain fog I didn’t even realize was such a problem cleared, my habit of mindless snacking disappeared (I lost 15 pounds without changing anything else) and my thinking seems sharper and more focused overall. I feel like Superwoman.”          K.M.

“I did neurofeedback with Lisa because my wife wanted me to. I didn’t expect much, to be honest. But a lot changed pretty quickly for me. My explosive anger is gone. I don’t react as strongly anymore, stress doesn’t send me through the roof like it used to. I feel in control of myself. My ADHD symptoms have also improved a lot. I feel like my brain works better and I feel much more organized and efficient at work.”     R.M.

“Neurofeedback is life-changing! I had severe post-partum depression that never really went away. I couldn’t get out from under it and was desperate. I was starting to slip back into an old eating disorder and was scared to death. Lisa helped me with a few diet and lifestyle changes to support my neurofeedback sessions and gave me some books to read. The depression is completely gone and I feel fantastic! I’m happy and it had been years since I could say that. My 9 year old just started neurofeedback (he’s on the autistic spectrum), and I’ve already noticed some great changes in him!”         D.T.

After suffering severe brain damage in an accident and undergoing multiple rounds of biofeedback under a neurologist, I was still suffering from massive migraines, memory issues and difficulties organizing my speech and just getting through each day. After being told by my neurologist that my brain was performing “perfectly” according to their predetermined baseline (based on my diagnoses), I was still really suffering. That was when I began NeurOptimal. Since then, my mental performance has dramatically changed for the better and I have regained my quality of life!     A.R.