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Maybe your doctor has uttered the dreaded words, “It’s time to eliminate the gluten,” or “You’ve got to get your stress under control.” You nod in agreement, completely intending to do those things. But by the time you get home, you realize you have absolutely no idea how to translate the goals into action. After a few attempts, it seems too hard and not worth the trouble. Plus. Pretzels. So you slide back into old habits. At least until the next health crisis, and the cycle begins all over again.


Or… maybe you’ve been to a bunch of doctors and there’s nothing really “wrong” with you; you just sense that things are off in a way they shouldn’t be. You’re tired, your joints ache, you’re starting to have more sad days than happy ones. Maybe you’ve tried lots of recommendations but nothing much has changed. You’re simply stuck. I can work directly with you to hit the reset button and clarify your goals and action steps.


If available, I begin with the recommendations your physician has defined for you, refining goals to reflect your lifestyle. We add goals that support an even broader life balance, and layer in accountability and support conducive to your personality and approach to life.


Whether you choose to work independently with me or work in conjunction with other members of your health team, be assured that our work together will always support your health goals at large. We’ll implement the changes your doctor wants to see, and look at an even bigger picture to build health in every area of your life.