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3-Month Reboot and Recharge

Tired of feeling tired?

Has a healthy weight become completely impossible?

Are you a slave to your hormones?

Has stress overtaken your life?

Can’t identify why you just don’t feel like yourself?

Do you wonder if “this is just what happens with age?”

This program is for the person who doesn’t have any major diagnoses or health concerns, but just knows they should feel better than they do. The 3-Month Reboot and Recharge gives us enough time together to establish new habits and give you a healthy fresh start. You’ll learn tools to support your success for a lifetime.

6-Month Lifestyle Overhaul

Choose the 6-month Lifestyle Overhaul mentorship if you’ve been struggling with implementing change for a long time or have been diagnosed with, or suspect, an autoimmune disease or other chronic concern. If you’ve tried everything but have made very little progress, this is for you. The 6-Month Lifestyle Overhaul helps you identify what’s going on at a deeper level. We work to alleviate your immediate symptoms while determining factors underlying the root cause of imbalance. Six months is the proven length of time it takes to make new habits stick. We’re going to dig deeper so you can leap farther. You’ll take charge of your health and life in some unexpected ways.

During your Mentoring Program, you’ll receive:

  • one 50-minute session (in person or via phone/Skype) every other week
  • unlimited email support
  • one weekly check-in phone call
  • recipes and a year-long subscription to a meal planning app
  • access to the BodyMind Balance reading library, along with thoughtful and customized book, video, and podcast recommendations to guide your learning
  • journal and pen
  • education materials, handouts, and binder
  • one 60-minute BodyTalk session

What’s the difference between the 3 and 6-month program?

What’s the difference between the 3 and 6-month program? During our first 3 months together, we focus on achievable steps to return stability and balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Depending on your situation, this could be all you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle for good. But many conditions require going deeper, so with the 6-month program we go further with even more personalized tools that will truly change the way you approach wellness. Either program can be done virtually. For the cost of that morning latte, gift yourself something that will literally change your life. For good.