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Is this you too?

Like you, I’ve always pursued the very best in life. “Achieve more, do more, be more.” It always seemed that the harder I pushed myself, the more things just worked out. No biggie to push through exhaustion or sacrifice bits of myself every once in awhile. Then. I had three kids in four years. Keeping up became harder. I was more tired. I was generally happy, but not as joyful. I often felt like I was a slave to my to-do list. I felt less and less like myself as I gave more and more to family, friends, work, causes. Throw in a lot of single parenting, multiple cross-country moves, and a generally crazy calendar. All good things, but little by little, I was giving far more of myself than I was replenishing. Sound familiar? One day, it became impossible to ignore that my stress due to an unhealthy relationship was through the roof, my adrenals were close to burnout, I wasn’t sleeping well, and I was entering too early into some not-fun-at-all perimenopause symptoms. I was at a fork in the road. Press on, and I’d likely receive a more major diagnosis very soon.

Instinctively, I knew things had to change. Unfortunately, just as I was beginning to address that truth, I suffered a devastating emotional trauma that initiated a huge downward spiral. And yet- still I pushed. I figured since I was eating great and exercising well, and working on the stress thing (sorta) that I could just push through and everything would work out just fine. You know, like it always had. Underneath it all, I knew things were far from okay. But I went back to insisting to myself that everything was just fine. I figured if I acted like I was well, then I’d just be well. Even friends and family thought everything was fine. The stress continued. And grew. Then suddenly and very unexpectedly one day, I literally collapsed from it all and almost lost my life. It was a wake-up call, unlike anything I could have imagined.

Let’s just say I needed more than an extra helping of veggies and a nap.


And so began my journey into true health. I had to learn about real balance, and be willing to dive deep into discovering what being healthy really meant to me. I studied, researched, asked for help, looked for resources… and kept doing that with a fire for learning that has never subsided. In the process, not only did I regain wellness and my sense of self, but I came to understand health in a more substantial way than I ever could have otherwise. Through that process, I also found my life’s purpose.

Your health is what gives life to your life.

I teach my clients what it means to live out their purpose authentically. Because you’re far more likely to do great things when you feel great.

How Might My Story Intersect With Yours?

Health is the foundation for everything you create in your life. I’m not just talking about having the ideal weight or having “good” cholesterol numbers, either. Good health is your oxygen mask. You know the “airplane oxygen mask” theory, right? It’s impossible to nourish anyone or anything else if you don’t nourish yourself first. To live authentically and give fully, you must operate from the best version of you. So the first order of business is to build true wellness in all areas of your life. Don’t think for a second that going Paleo, doing a green juice cleanse, or taking up yoga is going to band-aid everything. Sure, those can be great tools, but we’re going to go much deeper.

Because although they’re fun and somewhat helpful, I’m not satisfied with flashy short-term results. I’m more interested in showing you how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that really works for you- both today and tomorrow. It takes more than the latest protein powder or meditation CD. True wellness requires both big-picture fixes and a focus on the everyday details.

Really great things like courage, confidence, and clarity are born out of healthy balance. To create a life you love, a foundation of true wellness comes first. What flows from there will be unexpected and far better than anything you might imagine today. Choose to give life to your life, starting right now.

Lisa Inman is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Practitioner.

Lisa maintains a private practice in Missoula, Montana and is also a practitioner with the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing. She works with clients both locally and long-distance.

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