Ice Cream for Dinner

It’s hot. I know I can’t be the only person who just cannot step foot in the kitchen in the hottest part of summer, right? Right?! Truth: sometimes I cut up fruit and veggies and throw it on a big platter with store-bought guacamole or salsa and maybe some cold leftover chicken. I can’t even be counted on to set the table. And yes, I call this dinner. And guess what? My kids haven’t complained yet so it’s a total WIN. Granted, they are probably not complaining because we always have homemade popsicles afterward, but whatevs.

Frankly, I am actually planning on doing this for dinner again tonight. And tomorrow night. And guess what? I feel fine about it. No guilt whatsoever. Here’s why: SEASONALITY.

I’m not just talking about seasonality in the types of foods naturally available this time of year. I’m talking about seasonality in life. Just like there are times of the year that I love to be in the kitchen all day long making fabulous complex dishes, there are days when I. Do. Not. In the Fall, I love to have a spicy marinara or a huge stockpot of soup bubbling away on the stovetop. And in the wintertime, Sundays wouldn’t feel- or smell- right without something slow-roasting in the oven all afternoon.

Isn’t it great how our tastes match up so well with what’s available and what our energy is like in the season? Unfussy summertime salads, smoothies, or even just a simple peach is absolute perfection in August, but in December? Meh.

Seasonality in our cravings has biological roots, for sure. But seasonality in my desire to be in the kitchen is definitely a thing, too. Every now and then you simply must announce that ice cream is what’s for dinner. Because SEASONALITY.

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