How Does It Work? Can It Help Me?

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I explore your lifestyle, genetics, and history to find underlying imbalances, bringing insight to areas most requiring attention. BodyTalk gets your bodily systems to communicate with one another properly and efficiently, even at a cellular level. That’s important, because every experience you’ve had, every decision you’ve made, every feeling you’ve ever felt… affects every single cell in your body, for better or worse.

Ideally, your ability to maintain balance and stability should be consistent, through whatever craziness life throws your way. Your innate healing wisdom- your body’s ability to know what to do all by itself– drives this ability to balance naturally. But let’s face it, today’s challenges are different than they used to be. It’s harder now for the body to maintain the balance needed to keep you healthy. Your natural ability to balance and heal is still present. It’s just buried under loads of stressors and toxicities. When challenged on any level- physiological, biochemical, energetic, psychological– these stressors literally short-circuit your system.

This causes you to “blow a fuse” somewhere.  That blown fuse is connected to a master circuitboard, so other areas are often affected. A cascade of issues can occur, which you might not realize are linked back to that one little blown fuse.  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for the body to reset this blown fuse on its own.  The result? An increase in poor health and chronic physical and emotional dis-ease.

Holistically locating and addressing each blown fuse, BodyTalk focuses your natural ability to heal.  You’ve experienced your body’s ability to heal a papercut or fend off a cold virus without your conscious help. Your body is capable of even deeper healing-  as long as the bodymind is communicating properly. BodyTalk clears interferences and resets blown fuses so that all circuits function optimally. You can then recover easily from illness or injury, better withstand emotional stressors, and simply operate from a more stable foundation. And really, who can’t use more of that?

BodyTalk sounds both complex and yet incredibly simple, doesn’t it? Because this system respects your unique needs and priorities for healing, it’s truly individualized. Just as there’s no one else quite like you, no two BodyTalk sessions are ever the same! BodyTalk can influence any concern or issue affecting you and your health.