Sometimes, Band-Aids make things worse.

You probably have Band-Aids stocked in the medicine cabinet at all times. You might even have a really fabulous collection- with cute little happy faces, colorful dinosaurs or Dora the Explorer on them. They’re absolute magic to a 3 year-old with an owie.

Band-Aids are super helpful for all sorts of mishaps. Often they get the healing process headed in the right direction. But…  they can also lull us into letting a minor owie turn into something far more problematic.

Think about it- you wouldn’t stubbornly keep using only Band-Aids if things took a turn for the worse. Telling yourself you’ve solved everything and don’t need to peak underneath that Dora the Explorer Band-Aid could keep you from noticing a raging infection.

The same is true of emotional hurts. We’ve all occasionally experienced a huge emotional overreaction that takes us by surprise. Sometimes a “small” trigger feels like a massive wound has been reopened. It’s just like finding that the little scratch we didn’t think was a big deal has been festering and oozing underneath that perky Dora Band-Aid. Dora was hiding the damage. What’s up with that?

We don’t always recognize the depth of our own emotional pain. Or deal with it well. Maybe a significant trauma happened when you were very young and unable to make sense of what was happening. Or maybe you’ve experienced something so painful that the self-protective part of your psyche kept you from fully experiencing or processing it. That’s just your subconscious mind’s way of keeping you safe. Our natural tendency toward self-protection can be a great thing; it can literally save your life.

But wounds are tricky. Just as some physical injuries must be addressed with more than a Dora the Explorer Band-Aid, so must emotional wounds. When we haven’t fully processed emotions that are part of our wounded-ness…  like long-simmering rage or profound grief or deep-seated shame… it’s like slapping a Band-Aid on top of a gaping chest wound and expecting all to be well. Yeah. Not so much.

At some point, the damage underneath that protective Band-Aid must be looked at more closely. More might need to be done to help the healing process. And if not, you simply become one of the walking wounded. The thing is, you might not even realize how wounded you are. It often shows up in small ways at first, but as the wound continues festering, the injury shows up in more and different ways until you’re forced to pay attention. Unaddressed emotional hurts always manifest eventually in the physical body. Always. It’s the body-mind’s way of finding work-arounds to send you a very. clear. message. that something needs to change. You know in a deep and instinctual way that hurts must be healed. Your body is always headed in that direction, whether you’re consciously in agreement or not!

Here’s where BodyTalk comes in. When there’s resistance to growth or transformation, it’s experienced as a sort of stuckness. That stuckness doesn’t feel good.  And it’s hard to describe. That’s because your subconscious mind- the overly reactive part of you- takes over when you’re wounded. You’re likely not fully aware of what’s at the root of that stuck feeling. However your “stuff” is manifesting- emotionally, physically, or spiritually-  it’s all ultimately a signal that energy that has stopped flowing with ease in your life. Left alone, that stuckness will start to show up everywhere and in everything. And not in a good way.

Energy sparks movement toward growth and change. And what transforms energy? Emotions. They’re the body’s primary language. Somewhere, you’re holding onto a story or belief that’s no longer serving you. Maybe after a significant childhood illness, you learned to believe that you must be sick to earn the love and attention of others. Maybe, after a devastating car accident, you possess an underlying belief that the world simply isn’t a safe place to be. Or maybe you’re a workaholic because you’re terrified of failing other people’s expectations of you. There are innumerable stories we tell ourselves in order to cope with life and the injuries we’ve sustained. We experience the world through these beliefs without conscious thought as to whether or not they’re even true. We just live as if they are. Emotions are the superglue locking these unhelpful stories into place. Untangling the ways these emotions show up, and processing them fully, allows the release of unhealthy thought patterns that are creating stuck energy and dis-ease in the body and mind.

You’re unique. So is your story. Every thought, experience, and belief you’ve ever had is part of that story and is reflected in your health. BodyTalk helps identify and process subconsciously held stories in a way that’s meaningful to you and your whole story.   And that activates your innate potential for self-healing and personal growth.

So yeah, Band-Aids are fab. But sometimes they provide a false sense of security. We might tell ourselves that we’ve adequately addressed an injury with one but sometimes more was needed. Band-Aids can keep us from discovering what’s really happening underneath. BodyTalk gently peels back the Band-Aid: not only to stop the spread of infection and heal the wound underneath, but to strengthen the immune system against the likelihood of more wounds becoming infected.

So if slapping Band-Aids on all your owies doesn’t seem to help anymore, get to the root cause of the injury with BodyTalk. Everyone can heal. But not everyone knows it yet.



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